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The climate crisis is one of the world's
most pressing and complex issues

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Meet the globally-acclaimed workshop that will:

Join the likes of:

Blueprint of a Fresk

Our facilitators will guide you through the climate science, debrief, and action rounds.

They are trained to support you as you explore, and will help you find solutions that are impactful and achievable.

A Climate Fresk workshop has 3 parts:

Play the Game




Climate Fresk

Facilitated via video-call and Mural
£ 1500* per 7 participants
  • 3 hour standard Climate Fresk workshop
  • Pre-workshop meeting to tailor the Fresk to your industry and needs
  • A copy of your completed Fresk whiteboard to keep

Climate Fresk

At a venue of your choice
£ 2000* per 14 participants
  • A half-day full Climate Fresk workshop
  • Pre-workshop meeting to tailor the workshop to your industry and specific needs
  • Additional resources to help cement your team’s commitment to positive climate solutions
  • Follow-up support to check in with your team’s needs and desired outcomes
  • A set of Climate Fresk cards for you to keep, all laid out and personalised by you

Climate Fresk

Training in-house ambassadors
£ 5000* per 12 ambassadors
  • A full program of Climate Fresk workshops and trainings tailored to your organisation’s needs and ambitions
  • Training sessions for a team of in-house Climate Ambassadors, equipped to deliver the full Climate Fresk workshop
  • Follow-up support and coaching for the Ambassadors so they feel confident and prepared
  • Additional Climate Fresk resources to bolster your commitments to positive climate solutions in your organisation


The prices listed above should be taken as estimates, rather than exact figures. Get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements and receive a more accurate quote.

We offer concession rates for SMEs, non-profits, community groups, schools and volunteer organisations. Contact us to find out what we can do.

Don't just take our word for it...

Meet Our Team

We are a collection of facilitators and creatives who care deeply about the climate crisis.

We want to help you find your role in fighting climate change and empower you to step up to this enormous challenge.

We believe in the power of human creativity to solve even dauntingly complex problems; we aim to foster collaboration and connections wherever we go.

Ash Goddard Headshot

Ash Goddard

Head of Development

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Naomi Horlick

Communications Lead

Rupert Horlick Headshot

Rupert Horlick

Community Engagement Lead

Léa Francastel Headshot

Léa Francastel

Head of Partnerships

Lucas de Koning

South-West Coordinator

Matilde Zadig

South-West Coordinator

Clarissa Carlyon

Head of Operations

Livvy Partington

Sales & Strategy

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