Climate Fresk reaches One Million participants

It’s official: One million people have now taken part in a Climate Fresk workshop.

That means that a million people have mapped out the basic story of climate change. A million people have spent time processing what this means to them and supporting each other with climate emotions. And a million people have put their heads together to brainstorm high-impact climate actions they can take. We think that’s pretty amazing.

This milestone has been Climate Fresk’s goal since the non-profit was created in 2018. Now it’s here, we at Climate Clarity are joining with our global community of ‘freskers’ to celebrate!

one million milestone

The Climate Fresk cards are now available in 45 languages and the workshop has a presence in 66 countries. 45,000 people around the world are trained to facilitate the workshop, and these numbers are only growing. It really is a wonderful community to be a part of: there is so much energy for raising awareness of climate issues and it’s incredible to watch it spread.

But, just because we reached a major milestone doesn’t mean that our work is done. Far from slowing down, our community is more driven than ever to spread climate education around the world.

one million understanding climate change

As the creator of the Climate Fresk, Cedric Ringenbach says:

‘One million people engaged in climate issues is a lot – and, at the same time, it’s not many at all! We celebrate this milestone with both pride and humility. We are convinced that more understanding leads to more action: knowing what is happening to our planet empowers us to do something about it! Now, more than ever, we will work together to make climate knowledge accessible, so we can prompt the vital, life-preserving shifts we so urgently need.’

We want empowering climate education to be available to everyone. We want to get the essential life-protecting knowledge of the Climate Fresk into every team in every workplace, every school, every university, every community group. Everyone needs to be equipped to take their role in the green transition and limit the damage to our planet.

We say, bring on the next million!

If you’d like to learn more about the Climate Fresk workshop, see here.

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