Biodiversity Collage Workshop

The Biodiversity Collage is a fun and collaborative workshop aimed to empower participants to better understand the importance of Biodiversity.

What is the Biodiversity Collage?

The Biodiversity Collage is a 3-hour workshop centered on collaboration and collective intelligence.

Based on the IPBES reports, the Biodiversity Collage enables participants to discover how ecosystems function, the uses of biodiversity for humankind, its interactions with human activity and the threats biodiversity currently faces.

It is built on the same theory and structure that underpins the Climate Fresk.

How the workshop operates


Find the links between the 39 cards, distributed in 5 lots, to understand what biodiversity is, what it enables and what degrades it.


Decorate and find a title for the Collage in order to present your work to the other groups.


Reflect on learnings and collectively develop an action plan to stop biodiversity loss. The debrief is adapted to the objectives of each workshop.

Benefits of this workshop for your organisation

This workshop is sourced from the reports of the IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services)

Companies that have rolled out this workshop

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