The Digital Collage Workshop

A workshop to raise awareness about the environmental challenges of digital technology!

What is The Digital Collage?

The Digital Collage is a fun 3-hour workshop centred on collaboration and collective intelligence.

The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness and train participants on the environmental issues of the digital technology. The workshop also outlines solutions for a sustainable digital technology, and allows open discussions amongst participants on the important and timely topics.

A true team-building tool, allowing participants to come together and delve into the sustainability of our digital world, and engage with the solutions.

It is built on the same theory and structure that underpins the Climate Fresk.

Benefits of this workshop for your organisation

This workshop is rigorously sourced from data sourced by ADEME, Green IT, EcoInfo CNRS and the Shift Project’s reports and references.

How the workshop operates


In teams of 4 to 8, the participants identify and then draw the links between the cards of the game to build a “Collage”


They visually express their key messages and link their work to their context: to take ownership of the content and create a team spirit.


Each group explains their title and decoration, then the facilitator makes a detailed summary of the whole system.


A solutions based exercise finishes the workshop, which stimulates discussion, reflection, and action around a sustainable digital world.

Companies that have rolled out this workshop

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