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Ash doubles up as a UK coordinator for the Climate Fresk NGO and has seemingly boundless energy for climate education. He is one of the leading, most experienced Climate Fresk facilitators in the UK: he has delivered workshops to over 1000 people, and has personally trained over 400 facilitators. He has made it his mission to get as many people as possible skilled up and empowered to act on the climate crisis.

Not satisfied with just one type of climate workshop, Ash is also trained to deliver specialised workshops on climate systems, the impact of digital technologies, circular economies, construction, and biodiversity.

Ash spends much of his time researching new workshop formats, thinking about how to reach more people and businesses with the Climate Fresk, and brushing up on the latest developments in climate science. He sharpened his organisational and collaborative skills in community organising, before turning his hand to facilitating climate workshops. 

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Rupert is a software engineer turned climate campaigner who aims to deliver the Climate Fresk workshop to people of influence in every industry. His focus is now on the most urgent problem faced by his generation: how can we collaborate as a global society to effectively tackle the climate crisis?

Rupert has coached teams in corporate and community contexts to see which organisational structures allow human beings to reach their potential and face their reality. Surprised by a general lack of awareness of climate issues, Rupert is now on a mission to equip businesses in the UK with the climate knowledge they need to face the future.

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Director & Strategy

Naomi’s background is in all things words. As a writer and environmentalist, she is fascinated by the power of language and a well-spun yarn to move people, perhaps even spur them into action. She has worked as an impact storyteller for social enterprises across many sectors, including global health, microfinance, hydroponic farming, and community energy. More recently, she has lent her skills to climate-focused campaigns and spends a lot of time dreaming of the perfect messaging to kickstart the global climate response. 

Naomi wants to reach as many people as possible with the story of climate change through the Fresk and is eager to see how we will write the next chapter together. 

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Lea is one of the most experienced Climate Fresk facilitators in the UK. She started running workshops in 2020 and has now facilitated hundreds of people and trained over 100 new facilitators. She is a UK Climate Fresk coordinator and is also an expert in rolling out the workshop at scale in higher education institutions.

Lea began her deep-dive into the climate crisis while pursuing a Masters in Petroleum Geoscience. Disturbed by this dissonance in her life, she decided to use her knowledge to raise awareness of climate change and not continue on her petroleum-based path. Having moved to the UK from her native France in 2015, she found herself at home in the Midlands and is committed to spreading high-quality climate education in the UK. 

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Livvy is fascinated by all things people and planet! She is a linguist and physiotherapist turned climate entrepreneur. Livvy spent 18 months immersed in six different organisations working on climate solutions before joining the climate accelerator Carbon13 where she co-founded GetZero, a digital climate education tool for young people.

Livvy’s life mission is to empower individuals and companies to accelerate the transition to net zero, and in doing so, turn climate anxiety into agency.

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Clarissa is a project manager and facilitator with over 15 years’ experience of making a difference to people’s lives in arts, community, social enterprise, and the environment.  As a lifelong musician and from many years of producing cultural events, Clarissa believes in shared temporal cultural experiences as drivers of community empowerment and change.

Hearing the simple and direct words of a young Greta Thunberg in Parliament Square in 2018 brought the Climate Crisis to a sharp foreground reality for Clarissa. She then undertook various roles in the climate movement, and now supports people to step into their own activism – in the widest sense of the word – through facilitation and community building.

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Matilde’s interest in cultural transformation has taken her around the world. As an anthropologist and conflict facilitator, she has worked with social change movements in France, Kenya, Serbia, Nicaragua and now the UK. Her aim is to help build strong collaboration and connection between people, so that they can collectively tackle society’s deepest and most urgent problems. 

Nowadays, Matilde can be found running the Community Climate Centre in Plymouth and facilitating Climate Fresks, here, there and everywhere.

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Lucas has a background in community organising around environmental issues. He aims to empower people to become agents of change, whether in the home, in their work team, or within their broader spheres of influence. He has worked with Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to influence government and corporate policy on issues such as food systems, plastics and aviation. 

Lucas can now be found running the Community Climate Centre in Plymouth’s city centre and facilitating Climate Fresk workshops all around the UK. 

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