Climate Fresk Workshop Logistics

This page serves to explain what is needed physically to make a workshop happen.

The conditions for an online workshop differ from this, of course.

A Space to Learn and Play

The Fresk is best played in a quiet and focused place, that is also comfortable

No more than 7 people in any sub-group

Participants work in groups of 4-7 typically, so divide the number of your total participants by 7 and then round that number up and you will know how many tables / workspaces we would like to have supplied for us.

  • Example 1: 14 players. Split into two tables of 7 each with one facilitator.
  • Example 2: 20 players. Split into 4 groups of 5 over 4 tables with two facilitators.
  • Example 3a: 60 players. Split into 10 groups of 6 over 10 tables with 5 facilitators.
  • Example 3b: 60 players. Split into 12 groups of 5 over 12 tables with 6 facilitators.

Work Surfaces and Tables

Below are some pictures of ideal table set ups. We request 1m x 2m tables for the card game and a good amount of space around each table (at least 10 square metres).

Participants generally stand around the tables for the first part of the workshop and then sit later on. Chairs stacked at the edges of the room are ideal.

Large wall space or board

For the latter half of the workshop, we will be brainstorming actions and harvesting post-it outputs from your group.

We will need a clear section of wall or flip-chart or a whiteboard to stick a large piece of paper on.

3 hours or longer

The session itself takes 3 hours in total. It is helpful if we can have the room booked for at least 30 minutes before and after to set up and pack-down respectively.

Please book time out in your colleagues calendars so that they know not to book conflicting meetings during this workshop.

We take short breaks throughout the workshop, but let us know if you’d like to schedule a longer break for dinner or other food. This will mean adding an extra 15-60 mins to the total workshop time.