Climate Fresk Summary

The slideshow below is for participants of a Climate Fresk workshop delivered by Climate Clarity CIC.

Its purpose is to trigger the memories of participants to the key messages of the workshop around the causes of climate change, and some generalised discussion of action. It also acts to explain a few topics in detail for those who have an appetite for knowledge

For a deeper dive on solution and actions, make sure to contact our team to request further tools and resources that we have been working with.

If you want to have a certificate to show your completion of the Climate Fresk workshop, please head to our certificates page.

Please get in contact with us, or your manager, if you wish to be trained as a Climate Fresk facilitator yourself.

To help us improve our workshops, please fill in our the feedback link you were sent.

Below is an interactive diagram that shows the key linking of the cards of the workshops and some extra detail. You can zoom and pan around this Fresk. You may need to adjust the settings on the bottom right corner of the app window to use a mouse or trackpad. This is also accessible as a Mural page of the annotated summary.