Mobility The Fresque

The Mobility The Fresque workshop is a playful journey towards decarbonised mobility. Inspired by the Climate Fresk, this workshop is a collaborative tool to raise awareness of the carbon issues associated with mobility and transport systems.

An Essential Tool For Understanding The Direction Of Mobility

This workshop will be a powerful tool to help teams understand the pressures driving regulations. It aims to raise awareness of the current issues and imagine realistic and desirable changes we can make.

An Option For Inspiring Sustainable Corporate Travel Policies

This workshop can be used to inspire the sustainable mobility strategy in a workplace.

In Partnership With Climate Perks

If your organisation is signed up with Climate Perks and empowering staff with paid 'journey days' we offer a 12.5% discount

What Happens In A Workshop?

Learn about the mobility of people in Europe, the impacts of transportation, and the levers for action to decarbonise our personal transportation!

The workshop takes 3 hours to unpick questions like:

  • How much does transportation contribute to global carbon emissions?
  • How much of personal transport is completed using public transportation?
  • What energy sources are involved in mobility?

In the second half of the workshop, role-play a “mobility coach” and help several characters to adopt low-carbon practices.