The Green Belt

What facilitator doesn’t want to climb up the ranks of the belt system and claim themselves the right to train new facilitators?

Trainers gain the leverage to have greater impact: through training new facilitators. A green belt also comes with some other perks and advantages about being able to apply for leads for professional work from the Climate Fresk association.

This page aims to make a roadmap to gaining your green belt after you have been trained as a Climate Fresk facilitator.

The Green Belt Process

To get a green belt, you must complete the following:

  • Facilitate 15 Climate Fresk workshops. (This is tracked via your facilitator’s counter)
  • Facilitate a workshop while being observed by a green belt, where they are satisfied with your facilitation.
  • Complete an interview with a green belt where they are satisfied with your experience, knowledge and motivation.
  • Observe an existing green belt delivering a facilitation training.
  • Attend a briefing of the training support delivered by the association. (After you have observed a facilitation training)
  • Lead your first training session while being observed and supervised by a blue belt. You can book a blue’s time via this spreadsheet.
A descriptive image of the Orange-Green belt journey.
A graphic generated by the Climate Fresk trainers community to describe the journey from Orange to Green belt.


  • Join this Telegram channel to find your two green belt “co-opters”, or evaluators, to help you on your journey. You can reach out to the Greens at Climate Clarity for help, of course.
  • Facilitate as much as you can, in varied contexts.
  • Try different workshop styles.
  • Observe or co-facilitate with other facilitators to learn more styles and other tips.
  • Expand your climate knowledge:

Climate Clarity - Helping you get your Green Belt

We can help you in the following:

  • Workshop facilitation opportunities to get you up to 15 workshops.
  • Coaching and advice in how to improve your facilitation.
  • Our green belts:
    • Observe your assessed workshop facilitating.
    • Interview you for the interview assessment.
    • Let you observe them delivering training.
  • General advice and guidance.
  • Supervision of your first facilitation training with Ash performing the instructor role. Please fill in this form to request this service.
For any of the above, please email Ash (