Great Big Green Week: Workshop Mini-Marathon

On Sunday, the 11th of June, facilitators are coming together to host an inter-disciplinary event. This event will host four different workshops all at the Angel Central Shopping Centre, as part of Great Big Green Week.

Sunday Morning, 10 - 1 pm

Learn the environmental impacts linked to Devices and Digital Tech, as well as the key actions we can all take to minimise this.

Become a client science expert in 3 hours with The Climate Fresk. You will learn about the climate system and what actions you can take.

Sunday Afternoon, 2 - 5 pm

Understand the Linear and the Circular Economy. What are the problems and solutions. Let’s chart a course for circularity!

Interactive and collaborative workshop to enable participants to discover how ecosystems function, the value of, and threats to biodiversity

Note: This is not a solely Climate Clarity CIC event. It is a voluntary event run by the Climate Fresk community of facilitators.

Ash has been coordinating the event. He will be facilitating the Digital Collage in the morning and co-facilitating the Circular Economy Collage in the afternoon.

For more workshops like this, check our public workshops page, or contact us to organise a workshop.

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