Climate Fresk Facilitator's Area


You’ve been trained by one of our lovely trainers from Climate Clarity CIC in how to facilitate a Climate Fresk workshop.

Now you need to go and get facilitating. This page contains links to the resources to help you.

First of all, please take 3 minutes to give us feedback on our training, via the feedback form in your training completion email. It is helps us to improve ourselves as trainers and to know that you are receiving the training that you need, and it might even boost our confidence!

(If you can’t find your original training email, you can use this feedback form instead)

Make sure you have logged into your Climate Fresk Facilitator’s Space. In this video, Ash gives a guided tour of the facilitator space.

You will have received an email to set up your account during the training. Use a password with 12+ characters, upper and lower case letters, a number and a special character.

Go into this Mural Template and  create your own Mural from the template. Go through the exercise of replaying the game by linking the cards. (Try this tutorial first if you are new to Mural)

All the learning materials you could want to study are on the Resources page of the Climate Fresk Facilitator’s Space.

You can also use Climate Clarity’s cheat sheet and public facilitation script to run a typical community workshop. The self-training guide is a very comprehensive read.

Get yourself a set of cards, if you don’t already have some.

Watch the Massively Open Online Course [MOOC], a 2 hour guide of videos detailing exactly how to facilitate a workshop. This is highly recommended.

Go facilitate your first (or fifth) workshop. Try these in low-pressure spaces, like with friends and over some food. It can be easier if you co-facilitate with someone else. You are ready!

Remember that a great way to find opportunities to observe workshops, co-facilitate or lead a workshop is with public workshops for the NGO. This video explains how to find and register for these.

Remember that it is vital to fill in the counter whenever you facilitate, so we can see how you grow and develop experience, plus you will advance through the Facilitator’s Journey of Climate Fresk.

Also make sure to abide by the licence and to pay any royalty fees. Ash describes both in this video.

Join the facilitator’s community. There are lots of us discussing Fresking in many many different Telegram groups.

In particular, check out: Workshops in English, UK Facilitators and London Freskers, if relevant.

Also, connect with your local coordinators to get their help and assistance in joining the community.

Finally, make sure to join a New Facilitator’s Welcoming Session from the Climate Fresk association. These happen monthly.

If you would like a certificate to show off about your new status as a facilitator, please head to our certificates page to request one.

Good luck and celebrate your successful workshops by writing a social media post and tagging your trainer or Climate Clarity in it!

To understand the journey and get more tips to improve and progress through the ranks, check out the rules and tips to progress. In this video, Ash describes the facilitator’s journey and belt system.

Maybe you will even climb up the ranks to gain your green belt as a trainer of new facilitators…

Good luck empowering people with climate awareness!