Earth Day Workshop Festival

Note: This is not a Climate Clarity CIC event. It is a voluntary event run by the Climate Fresk community of facilitators. None of our team are facilitating, but it is a chance to see some volunteers run the workshops that we offer in companies.

Ash has had a role in coordinating the event. He will be taking part in the Mobility The Fresque workshop and facilitator training this time.

For more workshops like this, check our public workshops page, or contact us to organise a workshop for your organisation.

Workshops Occurring Which Climate Clarity Offer

Become a client science expert in 3 hours with The Climate Fresk. You will learn about the climate system and discuss what actions you can take.

Learn the environmental impacts linked to Devices and Digital Tech, as well as the key actions we can all take to minimise this.

Understand the Linear and the Circular Economy. What are the problems and solutions. Let’s chart a course for circularity! 2-5pm. Sign up

Interactive and collaborative workshop to enable participants to discover how ecosystems function, the value of, and threats to biodiversity

But wait, there’s more! You can also take part in Mobility The Fresque, 2 Tonnes, the Agri’Food Collage, the Planetary Boundaries Fresco and Textiles Untangled. Click on the button below to learn more about these.