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An online and open Digital Collage workshop: exploring digital supply chains through a systems lens and working as a team to understand the problem and solutions

This 3-hour+ workshop needs you to use a mouse and your microphone to work with others.

We will be working in Mural and Zoom for a collaborative method of learning.

What is a Digital Collage?

A workshop to understand, as a team and in a fun way, the impact of digital technology on the environment. The Digital Collage is a fun and collaborative half-day workshop with a similar educational method as the Climate Fresk. The aim of this serious game is to raise awareness and train participants to the environmental issues linked to digital technology. More details are available on our Digital Collage page.

The logo of the Digital Collage.

Who created the Digital Collage?

Based in France, they are an association of more than 200 members, composed of a board of 11 people. Their objective is to ensure a wide spread of the Digital Collage and through this workshop, a wide spread of knowledge of the environmental problems of the digital world and the appropriate actions to deal with them.

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Let us bring the Digital Collage to your organisation

Rather than join the above workshop as an individual: We can work with you to deliver workshops that deliver concrete actions and outcomes for your whole team. Available online, or in-person in the UK. We can deliver a Digital Collage workshop to fit your specific needs, schedule and industry or sector.