Case Study: Save The Children UK

This page explores a case study of our work with Save The Children UK.

Who took part?

International programs team + leadership team

What was their aim?

Workshop to help raise awareness on climate change impact on the programs and operation of the organisation

What did we deliver?

A Climate Fresk workshop for 120 people, working with 9 facilitators

What was the outcome?

Climate as a result will become a focal for every team, embedding the actions that were discussed in follow up sessions with the aim to deliver on those actions.

Up to 10 participants are willing to become facilitators of the Climate Fresk

Extra support and spotlight for the new Climate Change team at Save the Children supporting engagement and adoption.

Key Learnings

General learning on climate change impacts but realisation of the interconnectedness of all elements within the system.

Team building that delivered great conversations among the teams allowing better collaboration on these subjects and others.

What did they say?

A huge thank you!!! to Ash, Jim and the 8 other facilitators for this brilliant ClimateFresk workshop, everyone I spoke to loved it and found it incredibly inspiring. It has been flagged to me as the highlight of the week by a number of colleagues, so clearly it went down very, very well. People loved that they learned new things they genuinely didn’t know about, and that they were finally able to piece together bits of knowledge in a coherent causal pathway which they found illuminating. The Climate Fresk is an established methodology and is based on the most rigorous evidence to date. However to be delivered in an engaging way to a diverse group of people with various levels of knowledge, climate-related portfolios and interest in climate change, it needs super skilled facilitators who can carry the whole group. This is what Climate Clarity were able to provide thanks to their ability to tap into networks of CF facilitators and to train / prepare them for the event. They were very professional throughout, involving us in the preparation of the event with several touch points to ensure everything was in place logistically, and making time for a proper feedback session afterwards. I would recommend using Climate Clarity for anyone interested in running a Climate Fresk workshop for their team or Department.
Samy Ahmar
Head of Global Health