Case Study: Accenture UKI

This page explores a case study of our work with Accenture in the UK and Ireland.

Who took part?

Management Consulting audience – various teams and levels of seniority (from Analyst to Manager)

What was their aim?

In January, two CF volunteer facilitators, employed by Accenture UKI, decided to start organising workshops internally. After the success of the first 3 workshop, Accenture needed more facilitators to meet the growing demand. Several participants from these workshop volunteered but Accenture didn’t have the mandate to train them as facilitators.

What did we deliver?

The training was tailored to train the new facilitators in how to deliver a specific workshop debrief aimed at fellow consultants within Accenture UKI.

Climate Clarity’s Ash is the leading trainer who was brought in to deliver full-day Climate Fresk facilitator training for 12 people.

What was the outcome?

As of July all new facilitators have delivered at least one workshop each, reaching a total of 130 colleagues from a wide range of functions and teams. This helps raising awareness and driving more people to action. As consultants, the influencing role of participants is also key as they are now able to talk more confidently to their clients about climate issues.

They are on track to continue to run 1-2 workshops per month.

New facilitators have also come to other events facilitated by Climate Clarity to take part in the other workshops that we offer.

Key Learnings

The new facilitators were already engaged on sustainability and are domain experts, however this training empowered them to deliver their knowledge with an extra tool.

Some of the facilitators have joined the Climate Fresk London community events, which has meant that information and practice are flowing both ways between these facilitator consultants and the rest of our facilitator community.

By first engaging with the Fresk the consultants were exposed to many other tools that will be useful in their work, like the Biodiversity Collage or Digital Collage, and gained a deeper appreciation of facilitation.

What did they say?

Climate Clarity has been pivotal in the acceleration of our Climate Fresk programme. Ash’s training was extensive and engaging, and left even the less experienced participants with the confidence to run their own workshops immediately. We are truly grateful for his support.
Laetitia Larue
Consulting Manager, Accenture UKI Sustainability Hub