Biodiversity Collage Summary

Thanks for completing a Biodiversity Collage.

This page contains some key points and diagrams that we may have looked at in the session.

Key Summary

A tidied and organised arrangement of the cards of the Biodiversity Collage.

We have a Mural file you can use to explore this image in more detail, allowing you to zoom in and read the card captions.

Concepts to remember:

  • Definition of an Ecosystem: A dynamic complex of plant, animal and micro-organism communities and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit.

  • The three pillars of Biodiversity: Ecosystems, species and genetic diversity.

  • Ecosystem services.

  • How human activities both depend on and impact biodiversity.

  • The main driver of biodiversity erosion (Land Use Change, Over-exploitation of Natural Resources, Climate Change, Pollution, and Invasive Species. All of which degrade ecosystems services, causing major imapcts for humans.

  • Resilience, (in)adaptation of species, complex dynamics and the unpredictability of living organisms.

Remember that biodiversity collapse is even more critical than climate change. The breakdown of biodiversity is what affects many of us. Climate change is only one of the 5 drivers of biodiversity erosion.