Biodiversity and Business Resources

Thanks for taking part in a recent Biodiversity Collage workshop. Here we have assembled a library of pointers, guides and resources.

The WWF has released a survey of available tools. This study includes a comparison table for assessing the different tools for measuring
impacts on biodiversity along with their scope of application (product, investment portfolios,
value chain) and features (measure of pressure, economic assessment, etc.). 

To understand a business’ dependancies on nature, you can turn to either:

  • ENCORE – Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure, is a tool that can identify dependancies for specific sectors.

  • WWF Risk Filter

The LEAP Approach:

  • Locate your interface with nature
  • Evaluate your dependencies and impacts on nature
  • Assess your nature-related risks and opportunities
  • Prepare to respond to nature-related risks and opportunities and to report on your material nature-related issues.

Integrating Biodiversity into Your Strategy:

This SBTN methodology is designed to take you through your process: it provides a step-by-step
guide on the process recommended by SBTN along with examples of goals and actions. 
You also need stakeholders on board, this document can guide you.

You can watch, or organise a showing of, the Save Our Wild Isles business documentaries.

Read our other page with the summary of the workshop and key points.

Other fun things: