Why 3 Hours?

We hear this question often, and for a good reason: your time is important and we respect that. On this page we explain why this will be the best 3 hours you can spend.

High Return On Investment

We manage a fantastic return on investment. For example the Climate Fresk summarises the 6000+ page report of the IPCC, agreed to be the best authority on the climate system, in 1.5 hours, with 1.5 hours to bring your group to action.

These Workshops Are Tailored

These workshops are aimed at your specific challenge and sector. The facilitator will be asking questions that are formulated with your case in mind. We will be working with your lead contact to understand your needs and tailor our workshop accordingly.

You Need Time To Process The Weight Of The Crisis

Our workshops can come like a punch in the gut. Our facilitators are trained to help groups process the enormity of the crisis and come to terms with what it means for their lives, their future, and the impact on the organisation. Through careful communications exercises, they will go through a short grieving loop which is required before they can position themselves as an agent of change.

This Isn't A Top Down Lecture...

They don’t work. The biggest waste of time would be to give a lecture that causes no action and no participant is moved by.

Our transformative workshops go beyond the facts and harness the collective intelligence of the group so they can learn from each other and build a culture of sustainability conservation and awareness within your teams. We help them start building the strength of this muscle.

With less time there would be no space for the players to discuss, to laugh and to build a collective response, which is essential for your organisation.

Our Clients Agree!

You can look at our track record. We have repeat clients with whom we are rolling out the workshop to their entire company. We have trained over 1000 individuals in over 40 organisations.

Listen to their words: